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Rank Server Version Type


FanatikMU Season 6

X50  X1  Mid Rate 


Damage MU Online Grand Opening


Mu Blast Online 15000lvl+Reset x99999 Open 03.06

Join the action-packed world of Mu Blast Online! The latest version, opening on 3rd June, offers a t...

What are Mu Online Private Servers?

Private servers for MU Online are game servers that are operated by players. They host a customized version of the popular MMORPG game, MU Online.The goal of these private servers is to provide players with an unconventional gameplay experience by altering different aspects of the game, such as the rates of experience, various events, unique items, and additional features.

How can I find the top Mu Online Private Servers?

Gamehot.Net will provide you with lists, rankings, and reviews of various private servers.

MU Online private servers list provide players with an alternative way to enjoy the game, often fostering a dedicated community. However, it's important to note that since private servers are not endorsed or supported by the game's developers, they may vary in terms of stability, reliability, and adherence to game rules.

How can I play Mu Online Private Servers?

To play on a MU Online private server, players typically need to download a customized client provided by the server administrators and create a new account on their server. This allows players to connect to the private server's unique game world and interact with other players within that specific server's community.