Perfect World Private Servers

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Perfect World Moon 1.55 (PVP Mode, Easy Farming)

Welcome to the Perfect World Moon! Let's join with our Incast PVP 1.55 Version PVP Mode and enjoy in...



KO2WORLD REBORN private server version 1.5.3 include a new world map, new system features, and new p...

What are Perfect World Private Servers?

Perfect World Private Servers are unofficial game servers that allow players to experience the Perfect World in a customized and private environment. These servers are created and managed by individuals or groups who have developed their own version of the game, offering unique features, modifications, and gameplay experiences that differ from the official Perfect World servers.

Why you might consider joining a Perfect World Private Servers?

Players can join these private servers to enjoy a variety of enhancements, such as increased experience rates, customized items and quests, unique events, different game balancing, and often a more active and closely-knit community. Perfect World Private Servers provide an alternative way for players to engage with the game and explore new gameplay elements outside the official realm.

It's important to note that Perfect World Private Servers are not officially endorsed or supported by the developers of Perfect World International. They operate independently and may have different rules, policies, and server populations compared to the official game servers.