Serapis Silkroad Online - CAP 110 - PVE - CH & EU


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We are well aware of the reasons why a servers fails, more importantly. We trust ourselves to make sure we provide you with a long-term game as long as possible. We are here to offer a completely unique server where all of you will be able to experience an original exciting & fun gameplay. You probably have been wan- dering around, jumping from server to server just to end up leaving it in couple of weeks. Sadly, this is what the private-sro section has become. However, we are here to make a difference, will be trying our best to re- verse this bad course.

Serapis Silkroad Online is a Silkroad private servers with a brand new gameplay promising to excite you. Gameplay is not that far away from oldschool but we had to make some changes in order to offer a more interesting server. We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to offer the most oldschool gameplay possible but with- out all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time. All our features are tested and made in a way that ensure you won't face any problems.


Starter Packages:

Your first steps will be a small introduction to the adventure that awaits you in more advanced levels, so you will have a pack of objects that will give you a great help in your early experience. You will be able to learn about the game systems that we have prepared for you, since up to degree 10 you will get high performance equipment through our auto equipment system that will take into account the items you have equipped at the time of activation, giving you an advantage in the unknown journey ahead.

Starter Packages
Starter Packages

Skill Balance

We have made several efforts to leave on the server the best possible balance between the races that coex- ist there, so it is important for our team to know the minor points of this balance. 

China race balance - Mastery limit 330:

The first difference that you will find against other servers and that we have decided to inherit from the original server is that the same mastery will give access to all elemental skills: fire, ice and electricity. Bearing in mind that this race can raise up to 330 masteries at its highest level, it means that they will be able to have all the elements to the maximum and choose between the dual specialization or the mastery in Force, which will be vital for survival against characters that have the ability to use debuff skills. As for other general features of the Chinese it is important to mention that according to the masteries and the type of character (STR/INT) they will have a different booster which has been a fundamental element in iSRO for a proper balance between races and we have taken reference from this to execute it in Serapis. We have also decided to establish the imbues in a similar way to ISRO in terms of the power they can offer, taking into consideration that the 3 elemental skills will be enabled in the same mastery.

China skill
China skill

European Race Balance - Mastery Limit 220:

We considered that this race in general terms already had a good balance, so it did not receive so many changes from our side, except for some minor adjustments:
- Buffs that benefit a third party and must be active to take effect (e.g. Pain Quota or Force Deity) have been reduced in range, so now partys looking to create a solid block must stay closer to each other.
- The passive reflect has been drastically reduced.
- The effect of resurrection by immolation has been reduced in time and effect, so that this ability is not used to gain time.
Finally in this race, we wanted to give a new look to the build that is normally used exclusively as support, the bards, therefore, we gave them the ability to use teleportations and apply their own offering that will give a very high damage at the cost of their vitality. We also reduced the effect of their dances so that they are not a decisive factor in team fights.

European Race Balance
European Race Balance

Server Information

  • Server Cap 110
  • Jangan Fortress Enabled
  • Server Degree 11D
  • CTF Enabled
  • Race European & Chinese
  • Survival Arena Enabled
  • Skill EU Mastery 220
  • Battle Arena Enabled
  • Skill CH Mastery 330
  • PC/IP Limit 4-8
  • EXP Rate x15
  • Job PC/IP x1-x2
  • SP EXP Rate x20
  • BA, CTF and Survival 1 IP
  • Party EXP Rate x20
  • Party SP EXP Rate x15
  • Drop Rate x3
  • Gold Rate x3
  • Plus Limit +11 (no adv)
  • Alchemy Rate Difficult
  • Limit Devil +10
  • All FGW Enabled.
  • Long Terms.

Experience a welcoming and sustainable gaming environment, where you and your friends can forge unforgettable memories. Join us, Serapis Silkroad Online for a long-term commitment to fair play and enjoyment.

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Server FAQs

I have an issue. Who can I contact?

You can join the Gamehot Discord Server and direct your questions there. There should be instructions on how to get support - If not, contact a staff member.

Is Serapis Silkroad Online - CAP 110 - PVE - CH & EU free to play?

Yes! As are all Silkroad Servers listed on GAMEHOT.