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🎤 About US:

- ICEMC is a Minecraft server with multiple game modes: Economy, Practice PvP. Players can build and trade, hone combat skills, and engage in strategic battles. Gamemode BoxPVP mode and another more is coming soon, ICEMC offers a constantly evolving and engaging experience for all players and also exclusive events and rewards!




🎮 Gamemodes:

- Economy 💰: Earn money from Bounty Hunter, Farming much more! Especially Spawner the easiest way to earn money and become rich!

- Practice PvP ⚔️: Sharpen your swords and hone your combat prowess in our Practice PvP mode. From mastering the art of Crystal PvP to perfecting your swordplay techniques.




✨ Why Choose Us?

- Friendly community 😊

- Regular updates 🔄

- Awesome events 🎉

- Smooth gameplay 🔥




Join now and be part of the adventure! 🌍✨


• Bedrock&Java


IP :

Port : 50008


• Website



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Server FAQs

I have an issue. Who can I contact?

You can join the Gamehot Discord Server and direct your questions there. There should be instructions on how to get support - If not, contact a staff member.

Is ICEMC free to play?

Yes! As are all Minecraft Servers listed on GAMEHOT.