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Nova2 Presentation Remastered Server

Amidst the enigmatic realms of the digital landscape, there exists a Metin2 Private Server—a concealed gem—that was unearthed in the distant epoch of 2013. Behold, for it now beckons adventurers from across time and space with a resplendent offering—a remastered rendition bedecked in the finest garb of the most current and cutting-edge content. This concealed marvel, now unveiled before your very eyes, embraces a lofty ambition: to orchestrate an unparalleled MMORPG odyssey—one that transcends the ordinary and ushers participants into the very essence of euphoria!


Nova2 Remastered play screen
Nova2 Remastered play screen

Content designers might also be called upon to document massive stocks of items, creatures, or spec other assets of that type and provide descriptions for the same. Now, artists usually make the items though. System designers create the gears of the game. To understand what a system designer does, we'll first need to define what a system is. A system is merely a collection of mechanics, also known as rules, which control a process, outcome, or event within a game. For instance, a rule having to do with combat would be referred to as part of the combat system.

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Server FAQs

I have an issue. Who can I contact?

You can join the Gamehot Discord Server and direct your questions there. There should be instructions on how to get support - If not, contact a staff member.

Is Nova2 Remastered - Latest updates free to play?

Yes! As are all Metin2 Servers listed on GAMEHOT.