Erind Froste Puka Banned From Twitch After Using Controversial Word

    After using a word that’s been getting a lot of flak on the platform, popular Twitch streamer Erind Puka was given a ban from the site.

    Erind Froste is a Twitch live streamer and he was recently banned from the service for calling fellow streamer Flyroh a “cracker” in his chat. This is Froste’s third-ever Twitch ban. Twitch is the number one streaming site for gamers. But with its sketchy policies about punishment, not even die-hard fans know how long their favorite streamers will be suspended for.

    Froste, previously banned from Twitch, has not made the jump to YouTube. He plans on returning to Twitch to revamp his stream by creating a proper stream schedule seven days after he is unbanned.



    Written by gamehot

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