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Axies are one of the most diverse classes of creatures in the world, but not every Axie is created equal. Which ones should you focus on? Read more to find out!
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Killer bird

Priority stat: Speed > Skill > Morale > HP
Preferred cards: Hare, Kestrel, Little Owl
This Axie focuses on dealing massive amounts of damage to penetrate the enemy’s armor and health so this Axie should be placed behind the tank and wait for the strongest combo. With Little Owl helps you target the fastest target on the enemy team – usually also the Axie with the highest damage on the enemy team. The higher the speed, the better.

Beast with great damage

Priority stat: Morale > Speed > Skill > HP
Preferred cards: Ronin, Imp

This Axie depends on Ronin and Imp combos with any 1 skill card. With Ronin, you are sure to crit if you combine with any 2 cards and Imp will return energy when you crit. If you have enough combos, usually the enemy will die right in a combo, which is the enemy’s most bloodthirsty Axie. The priority stat is Morale as high as possible.

Axie gives bad effect

Axie’s skill set focuses on inflicting as many bad effects on the enemy team and using extra high damage skills if attacking an enemy with bad effects on the body.
This skill set, although nerfed in season 19, is still extremely strong with the current meta.
Priority stat: HP > Speed > Skill > Morale
Preferred cards: Lagging, Thorny Caterpillar, Snail Shell, Tiny Turtle

Strong Plant

Preferred stats: HP > Skill > Speed > Morale
Priority skills: Serious, Pumpkin, Rose Bud
With this Axie, it is very strong but will be placed at the end of the squad along with 2 other damaging Axies. With a skill set that focuses on lifesteal and self-healing with shields, the ultimate goal is to make this axie live until the end of the game, then the tree Axie will always draw cards according to her combo from there. becomes extremely hard to die because of the healing and armor skills. The remaining skill, the player should choose a card that can block the opponent’s move to increase the discomfort.

Axie breaks cards

Priority stat: HP > Speed > Skill > Morale
Preferred skills: Parasite, Pincer
An Axie whose skill set focuses on stunning and destroying enemies, making them unable to attack.

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Strongest Plants in Axie Infinity

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