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Plant Axies are known to be great shields. But have you made optimal use of them in PVP? Today, we will learn some strategies to win in PVP with Plant Axie. Plant Axies can of course give you victory, especially if the battle reaches Round 10 (Bloodmoon Curse). Bloodmoon Durse subtracts Axies’ HP per round. Therefore, this is the time when your Plant becomes most powerful when fighting Axies with low HP and shields.

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Strongest Plants in Axie Infinity

Here are some popular Plant gameplay

1. October Treat, Wegetal Bite, Prickly Trap, Carrot Hamimer

This is one of Plant Axie’s most popular skill sets that every squad can use

– Steal Energy: During Round 1, if your Axie hits last, you should be prepared to steal card with a Vegetable Bite card and another 1 card to have the ability to steal 1 energy. Especially for the Bird team players who usually won’t attack on the first turn because they want to save energy and prepare combos on “fastest target” thanks to dark swoop.

If you can’t take down your opponent Axie and can’t steal energy in the first round, save energy. Do not attack the enemy in round 1 with all three of your mana unless you are 100% confident to slay the target. If the opponent skips the first round, your combo is very likely to take down the other Axie, but if the opponent uses their Plant Axie with high healing plus shield, you’ve lost your energy advantage. quantity.

Saving Prickly Trap: Don’t use Prickly Trap if you can’t guarantee the finishing blow to the target, this is a problem for a lot of players using this card, they often use this card to increase damage but still at the end of the turn Can’t take down the enemy Axie.
Instead, keep for Axie in the middle (like Beast or Aqua Axie, for example) dealing damage to the opposing tanker. If the target Axie’s HP drops to at least 50%, then you can use your Prickly Trap and combine it with other damage cards to ensure a kill.

2. GAS

Why Kotaro? Instead of stealing energy that you are not sure you can steal, Kotaro is the solution for you. Unlike Disguise, although it costs 0 mana, it needs combos with another plant card and it also does no damage. This is the perfect match for a Reptile that possesses the Allergic Reaction.

Attack and poison enemy Axie: cast Gas Unleash (Poison) followed by Kotaro on the target. Combine your Gas Unleash with October Treat if your opponent has heavy combo cards for their Beast, Bird, Aqua or Reptile. If the opponent can’t kill your Axie immediately (for example in round 1 the other team has no Axie that can destroy the plant with 3 mana, the opponent runs out of mana, the main force changes direction and eombo turns. before,..), you can replace October Treat with Kotaro Bite and make sure your Plant hits after the axie you are about to hit.

Use October Treat to protect your Plant when needed. When you don’t have a healing card, it’s easy for your opponent to kill your Plant if you don’t strengthen your armor. With a solid defense, you can keep the Axies behind. Also, with just the Otorber Treat that comes with Gas Unleash, you can poison the entire opposing team

Use October Treat and Healing Aroma in Bloodmoon curse: these cards give you both shield and heal. Not all plants have attack cards, some plants have almost no damage when attacking, so you need to replace them with healing cards and shields that continuously replenish or your Axie won’t. withstand the enemy door combos and Bloodmoon’s blood burning.

3. Sup DPS tanker

Sometimes your Axie doesn’t need to be so beefy. Current Meta not only plants can generate energy but other class can also do this. Plants of this type have high defense as well as deal a large amount of damage.

A formation that best suits this axie would have Beast with ronin, imp, cottontail and Bird with Wing horn. Beast will be the main source of energy for the team and bird will take down the Axie behind.

Axie players tend to have Beast in the middle so our Bird with the wing horn will take care of him.

4. Aqua Stock

With the current meta, Aqua is one of our most popular classes, if we fight 5 matches, we must have 3-4 matches with aqua team. Taking advantage of this, the Aqua Stock is a nightmare for aqua with its ability to gain enersy with every aqua-type card that hits it.

This is also a top DPS sup when it has both healing, armor, mana generation and the ability to block all of the opponent’s “ranged” cards.

Hatsune will not only block the ranged attack of the hit axie, but will also block the ranged attacks of all your opponents on the field.

It seems that choosing plants as shields is the trend of most people, Vegan Diet with its high armor increase, medium damage and top blood exchange ability will make it difficult for your opponent.

The best lineup for this axie should go with a beast with ronin and imp or cottontail in case your opponent isn’t an Aqua player.


These are just examples and typical combinations for Plant Axie, you should remember that there are 22 cards of the Plant system and a large number of Plant Axies with many other class characteristics, with pure armor and healing Plants. There are plants capable of dealing great damage, some are invincible in energy…. So there are countless fighting styles and unique HP combinations are born.
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