HOW TO FIX – [FetchAxieFugure][3934406] got error [json] – Axie Infinity

This is a common error in the game Axie Infinity when you just create a team and start a new pvp match. The cause of this error is that the game’s file checker system detects a missing file.This error usually occurs when you just bought a new Axie and play a game.

How To Fix

1. Logout from your phone

2. Login to Marketplace with your Ronin wallet, set up your email and password if you don’t have one

3. Download the Mavis Hub gaming software on your computer.

4. Sign in to your account on your computer

5. Proceed to create a team on the computer

6. Delete game and download on axie infinity homepage (absolutely do not download games from any unofficial source. This may cause your account to be hacked)

7. Get the QR code on the computer

8. Scan the login code and you can play the game normally.

Good luck!!!

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